nerd love

I had a bit of neurotic blogging crisis after having the startling revelation that people might actually  read this blog, people that I actually talk to in that real world out there (thoughts like: do I sound like a complete narcissistic idiot?). But, here I am anyways. This whole thing is mildly addictive and wonderfully distracting when I should be doing more productive things.

I was all ready to write a somewhat mopey and sentimental post about Christmas. I was just wrapping gifts and imbibing some baileys. But, this has been a fairly random weekend, from beach parties to christmas carols and a session of watching breaking bad – I’m not really in the spirit at the moment. I’m going share my love of podcasts and neridness with you. Somehow seems appropriate as I’m currently in bed watching the Empire Strikes Back on tv…

I love radio, and podcasts, which is really like radio on demand. They make my work day go by so much fasters when I’m faced with mundane tasks like binder creation (this happens a lot). So as I was wrapping gifts I was listening to a nerdist podcast – an interview with Chris Hardwick and JJ Abrams. Take a listen! Mostly just a really interesting chat with some pretty awesome people about things like the beauty of the twilight zone, and digital culture. At one point they discuss how we are all unable to live in the moment with our ipods and our phones. I’m guilty of it too, but it makes me feel a little sad when a couple friends can’t sit together without distracting themselves for a long period of time without checking a phone. On the other hand, all the wonderful methods of communication give me blogs, podcasts, and a giant music library (among other things…). Anyways – listen to it for yourself. Pretty great.

One more thing that made my night – this scene from Breaking Bad. Such a fabulous show.


and since I’m watching it right now, I also kind of really love Star Wars.


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